History Of Kilts Wikipedia article on everything you need to know about Kilts.

Leather Skills For a custom made celtic designed belt or sporran, check out Leather Skills by Greg Manning.

Klingons In Kilts Go to Klingons In Kilts to connect with an independent Star Trek* Fan group organized for the purpose of gathering together Klingons* from all over the planet (universe?). We have the distinction of wearing the IMPERIAL or CLASSIC KLINGON makeup and costume with the SPECIFIC ALTERATION of wearing a kilt in place of pants.

I Wear A Kilt A group on the Experience Project

Men Who Wear Kilts And The Women Who Love Them; A Meetup.com group for kilt wearers.

Real Men Wear Kilts Articles about kilt wearing.

Real Men Wear Kilts; Myspace Community

DareDevils; Men In Kilts A web page for men who wear kilts.

Kilted Life; A Flickr page.

Kiltmen.com A kilted community rebelling against trouser tyranny.

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